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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

For tried and tested outdoor attire, fit for purpose and suitable for both men and women, the Outdoor Knitwear nautical range of submariner jumpers make perfect additions to your wardrobe.

Warm, but without unnecessary bulk, our nautical woolens are ideal whether at sea or ashore. Expertly knitted in the UK, they are made to an original 70-year-old specification that has proudly stood the test of time. Just like the originals worn by Royal Navy submariners during World War II, with a classic roll neck, deep welts and cuffs, our naval style jumpers provide extra warmth with a drop-shoulder design, once intended to fit officers of all sizes comfortably.

We are the proud sole official supplier of the submariner sweater to the British MOD
Soft, warm and durable, the tight weave of the three-fold new wool offers reliable protection against blustery, cold and damp conditions. The wool has also been treated to prevent shrinkage. Our range of pullovers have a snug, tailored feel with no restrictions on movement.

Our fisherman’s jumpers are also based on timeless classics, and are again made using only the finest quality British wool. Our turtle neck Seaman’s Sweater, inspired by the traditional Gansey sweaters worn by generations of British seafarers, has been brought up-to-date with a thumb slot, meaning the cuff can be turned down during particularly cold weather for extra comfort.
Our quarter zip style jumper was inspired by the famous 1981 submarine movie ‘Das Boot’ and is one of our most popular choices. Enhanced with a bronzed YKK zipper and a 100% natural cotton twill band to complete the classic German submariner look, this sweater is made to the same exacting standards as our nautical range and those of the Royal navy submariners who wore their heritage counterparts.